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Why do YOU need a Designated Agent?


Several of the real estate agents in my office and I have been discussing this fact. MOST Buyers and Sellers do not understand why they need a Designated Agency.

As agents, we are licensed to be loyal, trustworthy, and knowlegeable. But more than that, we are your best source for either 1) finding you the home you want and need, and/or 2)assisting you to get the home SOLD you currently own.

FOR BUYERS: You receive our expertise, basically FREE. The Seller pays our commission only when you CLOSE on your new home. We show you homes, and write up the contract, but until you have the key, we make NO money. If you do not find a home, you have lost nothing but your time. That is why we work so hard for you, to know what to offer on a home with the stats provided to us, and to make a wise decision if this is a great home for you. Why we need to know what you qualify for, how soon you want to move, and most important how serious are you? It is our time, too. We follow up with inspections, resolutions to those inspections, and are a constant source available to you during the process and after.

We have the resources to provide each with important information that covers existing "active" homes, pending sales, and SOLDs over a time frame.

FOR SELLERS: These resources allow you the advantage to price your home to sell right. Thus, you get it SOLD in shortest amount of time. Yes, we know your home is worth more to you than the market dictates, but you have to do 2 things, 1) Do not sell if you don't have to. and 2) Remove your "feelings" about the home from the objective. Afterall, you are wanting to move, Right?

Remember: getting a DEAL on a home in this market means you will not Sell for what you would in a SELLERS' market. You can't have both.

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