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Are you thinking of selling your home? Then you probably have some questions.

How much is my home worth? How do I market my home to buyers? Where do I start? 

AT RE/MAX, we  can help answer these questions and more. We will help you understand what is currently happening in the market. Show you how to best present your home, so that it stands out above the rest. Your agent is trained to get you ready and get your home sold for the best price, in the shortest amount of time.  Call us today.

 Home Showing Tips for Sellers

1. Tidy up the clutter and clean the counters.

2. Wash the windows and screens. This will allow more light inside the home and make it look brighter.

3. Clean everything. Nothing can create a stronger first impression than a clean home. 

4. Eliminate odors. Eliminate cooking odors and pet smells by cleaning your carpeting and drapes. Air out your home by opening the windows.

5.  Brighten your home. Brighten up rooms by replacing your lights with higher wattage ones.  Check all burned out lights in basements and closets and replace them. 

6. Make small repairs. It may not seem a big deal, but minor problems like torn screens, cracked walls, sticky doors, or a dripping faucet may give buyers a bad impression that the house was not well taken care of.

7. Clean the yard. Trim the grass and bushes, add fresh mulch, rake the leaves, edge the walkways, and clean all gutters. Bright flowers near the entryway adds more curb appeal.  

8. Set the scene. Create an atmosphere that will help buyers visualize living in your home like setting fancy dishes and silverware on the dining table.

9. Accentuate your fireplace. Put fresh logs inside the fireplace or if it’s not in use, you may place a fresh basket of flowers.

10. Spruce up your bathroom.  Make your buyer feel pampered once they enter your bathroom. Place a new shower curtain, fresh towels, and fancy soaps. 

11.  A vase of fresh flowers or bowl of colorful fruit on a table.  

12.Take your pets outside. You may also ask your neighbor to take care of them during a showing. If this is not possible, confine them in a room like the basement where they will not be seen. Make sure to inform the real estate agent beforehand where the pets will be so they won’t be surprised.

13. Keep your valuables, jewelry, and money locked away in a safe place. It will be hard to keep an eye on everyone all the time during a showing. Better safe than sorry.

14. Don’t be there during the showing.  It would be awkward for buyers to express their opinions of your house while you are there with them.

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